Kachemak Bay, Homer Alaska

Fish Kachemak Bay, Homer, Alaska...


Take a Hike in Alaska

Just you and the great outdoors— and of course as many friends that you can find who want to get up close and personal with nature at its' finest!

Kachemak Bay Water Trails fishing in the Halibut Capital of the World is more than just exciting and adventurous, it's plentiful and productive!

Homer Spit is the place for boating expeditions into Kachemak Bay Alaska and its tributaries where both new and experienced anglers will find halibut, pink and chum salmon, stocked king salmon, silver salmon and red. The clear water stream areas give fishers a chance to troll for steelhead trout and Dolly Varden. There are rockfish and cod and razor clams and even more from which to choose around the Kachemak Bay Water Trails area and the popular “Fishin' Hole.”

Please visit The Alaska Department of Fish and Game for more detailed information See More Info!

For more information on fishing and regulations,
please see Alaska Department of Fish and Game...
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