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Just you and the great outdoors— and of course as many friends that you can find who want to get up close and personal with nature at its' finest in the Kachemak Bay Water Trails!

The Homer, Alaska and Kachemak Bay Water Trails areas boast miles and miles of hiking trails with constant views of serene lakes and riverways, and striking wilderness and mountains. Some hikes are simple beachfront walks and others are true backcountry experiences. Plan a guided trip with a group or go it alone, and throw in one of our painting or photography teaching sessions on any pre-planned trip! Kachemak Bay is a National Estuarine Research Reserve, an ecosystem where salt waters and fresh waters collide. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

Homer Beach Walk
For year-round attraction, this hike is only seven miles long and is comprised of spectacular beachfront and mountainous scenery. From fossils to coal, and starfish to scoters, the beachfront at Homer – weather it be in the sand during low tide – or in the sky flying just above you, conjurs up more than 20 species that you may not see together anywhere else in the world! Kachemak Bay Beach Trail For an eight-mile hike, the Kachemak Bay Beach Trail lies near Homer between Bishop's Beach and Diamond Gulch. You will experience the National Estuarine Research Reserve in a half-day hike.

Wynn Nature Center Trail
Experience a short day hike or two at the Wynn Nature Center Trail. The Carl E. Wynn Nature Center is located on the bluff over Homer. Independent interpretive trails and guided hikes lead to birding, wildflower viewing and overlooks that provide for amazing photography and scenes for the artist at heart. Wynn is staffed each year from mid-June through Labor Day and includes educational naturalist programs throughout the season.

Kachemak Bay State Park Trails
There are over 25 miles of park trails, ranging from easy to difficult. Many climb over steep, rugged terrain, and offer excellent views. Others wind through coastal forest and meadows. Expect trails to be passable, although there may be areas of exposed rocks, roots, wet boggy areas, downed trees or tall grass. Trails and trailheads are marked with orange triangle signs with a "T" in the center.
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