Kachemak Bay, Homer Alaska

Kayaking Kachemak Bay...


Kayak the Bay in Alaska

Just you and the great outdoors— and of course as many friends that you can find who want to get up close and personal with nature at its' finest!

Kayaking the Kachemak Bay Water Trails in Alaska has become one of the most sought-after lifetime experiences! Our guide from Visual Adventures provides a perfect Alaskan get-away for those who want to learn kayaking, extend their knowledge of kayaking and perhaps increase their photographic skills along the way. Just imagine experiencing the wilderness of Alaska through its Kachemak Bay Water Trails, and indulge in the beauty of exotic plants and flowers, birds and fish and large wildlife roaming the forests and waterways. Imagine eating the very freshest halibut (Alaska is the halibut king of the world!), salmon and other delectible fresh catches during your kayaking trip.
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Join professional photographer Tim Steinberg for a customize a trip just for you. Visual Adventures understands that many of you are looking for something off the beaten path, unique, or a little "more or less" strenuous. We also understand that sometimes you don't want to travel with other people outside of your family or friends. That is why we are very happy to offer private services that give you the freedom to create the perfect adventure.

Call Tim Steinberg to discuss a customized trip plan at 907-235-6947 or visit visualadventuresonline.com
The Alaskan wilderness makes for a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and bring home photographic memories.

Visual Adventures - Customized Expeditions & Adventures in Alaska

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