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Tim Steinberg

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Tim Steinberg

For additional samples of his photography work, you can visit Tim @ timsteinberg.net
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Tim Steinberg

The Alaskan wilderness makes for a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and bring home photographic memories.

Visual Adventures
Photograph Kachemak Bay Water Trails
Tim SteinbergTim SteinbergTim SteinbergTim SteinbergTim Steinberg

Customized Expeditions & Adventures
Join professional photographer Tim Steinberg for a customized trip around Kachemak Bay Water Trails; let Tim take you out for the day exploring or a maybe week on an incredibale Alaskan adventure. We have years of experience and piles of camping gear - we know some of the best spots within the park to paddle, hike, camp. Tim offers different trips for your comfort level and experience; groups or individual's let us do the cooking, guiding you paddle, fish, chill and kick back.

Tim Steinberg also teaches photography and offers a "One on One, Digital 101 class". We will spend the day working on you taking better pictures and understanding your camera and the settings; manual, flash, ISO, I will teach you how to take great photos on the beach, slow motion a waterfall, back lighting, portraits, different Len's, wildlife, any questions or areas you want to increase your photography skills in. Let's the spend the day on the water, the beach, maybe hiking but you will improve your photography skills and have some fun on the beautiful Kachemak Bay area.

Tim has been a professional photographer for the past 28 years; his photos have appeared in National Geographic Magazine, Walking Magazine, BBC TV, People, Sports Illustrated and many others. Tim photographed for the NFL and had photos in Superbowl Program XXVIII, His work is in a permanent collection at The Libary of Congress, Science Museum of Minnesota and Alaska Geographic.

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